How to judge the cone crusher hydraulic oil needs to be replaced

Firstly, if the cone crusher hydraulic oil color was dark brown, and accompanied by a smell that oil has been oxidized, you need to replace the new oil.
Secondly, the cone crusher hydraulic oil in the degree of moisture will affect its lubrication performance. There are two ways to determine the degree of water into the hydraulic oil: 1, the color of the hydraulic oil was milky white, the smell did not change, then the mixed water too much; 2, take a small amount of hydraulic oil droplets in the hot iron plate, If there is sound, then that contains water, should replace the new oil.
Thirdly, to determine the cone crusher hydraulic oil containing impurities in the situation. After a period of mechanical work, take a few drops of hydraulic oil on the hands to see if there are metal particles. If there are more metal particles, then prove that the hydraulic oil contains impurities, should replace the hydraulic oil.
Fourthly, the replacement of cone crusher oil, the attention should be completed in the machine just finished, while the hydraulic oil when the release.
Fifthly, the best use of cleaning fluid used by the system, the same brand of hydraulic oil. Avoid using kerosene or diesel as a cleaning solution. 1) The cleaning should be as large as possible flow, so that the flow of the pipeline was turbulent state, and the completion of the implementation of the various components of the action in order to contaminants from the various pumps, noise and hydraulic cylinders and other components washed out. 2) After the cleaning is finished, the cleaning solution is drained in the hot state and the new working oil is added by replacing the oil.




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