The common sense of the cone crusher operation

Cone crusher is now the new darling in the mining industry, in the whole stone production line, cone crusher has also played a decisive role in the production, what need to pay attention to in productions? Jiaozuo Zhongxin technical engineers summed up the following opinions based on many years of experience.
1, only in the cone crusher to start the normal operation of the time, can be put into the material for production.
2, the broken material must be evenly into the crushing chamber, absolutely can not add the material from the side, can not be filled with materials, so that it will not cause the equipment unilateral overload or bear the pressure of overload.
3, in the cone crusher equipment normal work, the bearing temperature must not exceed 30 degrees, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees, if during the work, the cone crusher temperature exceeds the temperature, Immediately stop working to check. Immediately after the identification of the cause, take measures to resolve.
4, in the cone crusher equipment to stop working, you must first stop feeding, waiting for the crushing chamber of the material are all excluded before they can turn off the power, this is not easy to cause the phenomenon of clogging cavity clogging.
5, cone crusher equipment in use for some time, be sure to carry out maintenance and maintenance, check the various parts of the solid situation.




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