What should us pay attention to cone crusher liner replacement

Cone crusher liner material mainly depends on the material squeezing, if not promptly replaced liner it can damage the machine frame and movable vertebrae, shows that regular replacement of the liner is a must, there is a replacement liner several points need to pay attention, to introduce below.
1. When replacing a new liner, must pay attention to see whether the inspection clearance greater than 3mm, was invalid if it was not for this liner, because of the new liner, the distance is about 167mm, 11mm or before the pitch reaches less than B before 3mm, replace the liner, so as not to damage the cone crusher.
2. More New Look after the liner, to check whether correct their centers; such centers is wrong, when in operation will have a collision, uneven particle size, as well as cause the machine friction heat and other failures. When the movable cone and fixed cone liner wear thickness reaches 65-80%, or local deformation and rupture recess wear, it should be replaced.
3. The back of the lid freshly poured concrete, with 500 to 600 cement and sand, the ratio is the weight ratio of l: 3 mixed. Prior to casting, polished clean liner to the concrete and it firmly together. After the completion of concrete casting must be trimmed so that the rack rib surface and back of the lid close, and be sure to concrete after adequate health and did so on before being put into use, or affecting life.
4. When replacing the cone crusher liner, when the liner installed on the lower part of the cone, the cone use the lower part of the adjustment ring, the lower liner holding l.0 ~ 2.0mm and a gap between the cone. After the top liner installed, you should first install the compression nut, then cast zinc alloy. Before casting, cone and liner preheated 60 ~ 80 ℃, cracks and asbestos use clay liner of the connectors plugged to prevent leakage of zinc alloy. After lining finished pouring alloy, mounted on the compression nut and locking plate so that tightly fixed.





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