What effect the capacity of cone crusher

 The reason why most companies choose cone crusher is that production is relatively large, if the yield reduced, is there no advantage any more? Then we buy cone crusher seems to be no meaning, Jiaozuo Zhongxin analysis several main reasons for your production equipment.
1. crushing process crushing chamber degree of wear, cone crusher is mainly rely on the completion of the crushing chamber, crushing chamber if badly worn, so that the material can not be formed interlayer fracture, which seriously reduced the capacity of the apparatus.
2. the crushing force size, cone crusher crushing force directly affects the efficiency of the equipment, which is the ability to work the equipment hydraulic station about, so we in the selection of equipment to pay attention to the ability of hydraulic station, or crushing force not lift up yield how the meeting go?
3. the internal equipment maintenance, cone crusher mainly by squeezing between the fixed cone and movable vertebrae to complete the break, so after these parts wear, the processing efficiency will drop down, which we need for everyday devices maintenance, periodic replacement of spare parts, to ensure the production of cone crusher.
Good equipment is inseparable from routine maintenance, so as to prolong the life of the cone crusher, if you encounter any trouble in daily use can consult our professional engineers to answer your questions.





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