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The capacity of river gravel crusher

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 River gravel is a natural stone, it can be used in many industries after crushing processing, such as construction, railways, etc. These industries need to use a lot of sand, so the river gravel crusher requirement is still relatively high, they need good quality sand, and a higher yield, then what is river gravel crusher capacity?
Firstly, the main chemical composition of river gravel is silica, followed by small amounts of iron oxides and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds. With compression, wear and corrosion-resistant properties of natural stone, is an ideal building, chemical industry, metallurgy and the use of materials. Due to the nature of the material characteristics of river gravel, river gravel crusher requires wear, high performance characteristics, our river gravel crusher is designed for crushing river gravel to build, and performance are superior to other crushers.
River gravel crusher cobblestone material put into the cavity by the moving jaw, jaw set of mutual cooperation between the two parts to complete, when the movable jaw and fixed jaw separately, river gravel into the crushing chamber, finished unloading from the bottom; approached that is mounted between the two jaws of river gravel squeezing, bending and splitting the role of fragmentation. Repeated operation like this, each about small river gravel crushing reached 1,500 tons, if the moisture content is too low, or river gravel material also participated in special cases up to 1000 tons per hour, is a higher cost of crushing equipment.

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