How to choose a cone crusher crushing chamber

 Select the crushing chamber directly determines the efficiency of the cone crusher, the material put into the interior cone crusher, mainly rely on large volume and surface area of ​​the crushing chamber crushing wall, serve the purpose of storing the material and making the material received multiple extrusion broken. At the same time different materials we need to choose different cavity, Zhongxin give you a simple introduction.
Firstly, the cone crusher is generally used as a secondary crushing equipment, using linear crushing chamber to meet the changing requirements of the crushing chamber cross-section, and a relatively high yield; for the fine type cone crusher crushing chamber should be curved it allows a narrower discharge port. The advantage of using curves cavity that power consumption is relatively small and more uniform particle size, large capacity and clogging. In addition, after selecting the appropriate crushing chamber should be alignment parameters.
Followed by crushing chamber swing. Cone crusher chamber stroke swing crusher performance has a significant impact. When increasing the stroke swing crushing chamber, the compression of each layer of the crushing chamber crushing ratio increases, the crushed product quality improvement, calibration nesting size increase. Improve the quality of products from the viewpoint of crushing, crushing each stroke swing layer crushing chamber should take a greater value, but must meet not appear too crushing and compaction phenomenon, it should be adjusted according to their needs.





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