New energy-saving cone crusher

 Zhongxin has recently launched a new cone crusher, the rationalization of the organization enhance the overall performance, in addition to reasonable and appropriate crushing machine combination method, crushing teeth rationality of design is consistent with the target machine to complete a key , but also performance issues each cone crusher ensure product quality prerequisite. Only we need to meet the following two aspects, it is possible for the overall performance of the crusher equipment a qualitative improvement.
Firstly, the crusher equipment should meet customers' size requirements, then the size of the machine production of the final product size determination to made, with the right type of machine with minimal energy consumption and high efficiency crushing materials to meet production needs.
Secondly, when the crusher equipment for material crushing, the finished product can use sand or aggregate production. When the crusher is working, the crushing teeth are each part of the implementation of the same uniform force, motion axis under the machine work, and the environment can not be too far behind. Such as the new cone crusher, experts in the design process, its structure is compact device to ensure high performance and stable operation of the equipment. After the cone on the old machine optimized to improve the overall adaptability of the device.




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