Zhongxin cone crusher is energy-saved and cost-effective

 Cone crusher technology becomes more mature, so its market is constantly expanding, especially now that the country is busy with constructions, sand and gravel materials become more indispensable, gravel has become a investment project, then energy efficient crusher has become the equipment everyone is willing to choose, while the new cone crusher has become the preferred model.
Cone crusher has been able to flourish in sand and gravel industry, one of the reasons is the yield, whether roads or buildings need a lot of raw materials used in gravel, if the crusher output is not large enough, it will affect the whole production line efficiency, impact earnings; the other is a pellet-type is good, cone crusher feed particles laminated principle, sand and gravel in the crushing cavity after several broken, so the material was established square structure, perfect particle type is favorite by sand and gravel industry.
The cone crusher we produced can handle no more than 500mm, compressive strength less than 350 MPa multiple ore materials crushing a wide range of materials. The new cone crusher is used in two-way over iron protection device, effectively prevent the equipment because after death crash iron card, reducing maintenance downtime, uses a multi-cylinder design, multiple crushing chamber, if you need a different size material, just replace the crushing chamber can be very convenient.
Zhongxin Heavy Industries has been committed to environmental protection, energy efficient cone crusher, continuous improvement of production technology and equipment, independent research and development allows us to be more professional cone crusher, welcome to contact us.




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