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Advantages of Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Time: 2023-03-21 10:25:13

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The single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has good crushing effect and mature operation technology. Single-cylinder hydraulic has a hydraulic cylinder that can be used as a safety device. The upper and lower ends of the main shaft will be supported, which can accept a large crushing force and stroke. It uses laminated crushing and a combination of multiple cavity types to adapt to various types. Granularity requirements. What are the advantages of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher?

single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

1. Due to the selection of hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic maintenance, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher omits the complex adjustment ring, support ring and spring parts of the spring model, and the equipment structure is simplified.

2. By replacing the eccentric shaft sleeve, the eccentric distance can be changed to meet the needs of different materials.

3. Since the main shaft of the movable cone adopts a simply supported beam structure, the eccentric angle of the main shaft of the movable cone is small, which is generally only half of that of the spring machine. Therefore, the crushing cone is relatively steep and the crushing cavity is long, which improves the crushing efficiency. Uniformity.

4. The process of adjusting the ore discharge port can be completed by operating the control valve of the hydraulic system. If the ore discharge port is stuck by iron blocks, the problem can be solved only by operating the hydraulic operating valve to control the upward and downward movement of the moving cone. This can reduce the labor intensity of the operators and reduce the technical difficulty.

5. The dustproof structure of the sealed cylinder is used, which is more reliable than the water seal of the spring machine. In addition to the problem of water supply and drainage, the latter also has the problem of oil and water mixing, resulting in poor lubrication.

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