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Zhongxin cone crusher liner plate manufacturing process

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 Liner is the main component of cone crusher, it is also the * easy to wear parts, if liner wear seriously, it will affect the overall of the crushing chamber, so pay attention to the quality of liner when buy cone crusher is also critical. Here to introduce you  Zhongxin liner manufacturing process.
    Firstly, select the liner material. Our cone crusher liner wear-resistant material selected high-manganese steel material, it have been tested, the initial hardness can reach around B260, it has wear resistance, is very conducive to high hardness of the material processed.
    Secondly, the material handling process. In order to further improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel materials, we have also added alloying elements as usual, but if the carbon element is too high, then it will reduce wear and therefore alloying material is also very important. In the processing, it should strictly control access to the water time and temperature and other parameters, so that the indicators are in line with national requirements.
    Thirdly, the casting process strictly. This would not only check cone crusher liner process, and also checks the entire machinery technology. We all know that the wall of the cone crusher liners is thick and large, last up to 200mm, if the casting temperature can not reach it, it will make the grain high manganese steel liner is relatively large, so that the service life will be short, so we use metal-type cladding sand in the casting process, effectively reduce the pouring temperature, so that the liner grain refinement, to extend the service life of liner on purpose.
Twenty years of cone crusher production experience, so we focus on every detail of the production equipment, the quality of Zhongxin Heavy equipment is good for customers, you are welcome to inquire.

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