The service life of cone crusher concaves

 Cone crusher concave and bowl is the main component for crushing, Zhongxin Heavy Industry engineer noted that the concave is immobile so it is also called the fixed cone, crushing wall  is active so called moving cone. Cone crusher at the time of operation of the crushing wall will do the trajectory, and the bowl of the distance sometimes away sometimes close, to squeeze the broken material, part of the material will be discharged from the open side of the discharge port.
The concave is the core component of the cone crusher, the crushed stone is subjected to a very strong, repeatedly alternating stress the role of high frequency; their quality directly affect the life of the crusher, so its internal quality and mechanical properties have higher requirements.
To ensure the production of high-quality, long-life rolling concave, Zhongxin Heavy XHP cone crusher concave have attractive appearance, high intrinsic quality, anti-deserted, abrasion, extrusion and long service life, fully meet the concentrator for concave workpiece requirements, particularly suitable for granite and iron ore crushing high hardness, the effect can be comparable to international advanced cone crusher.




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