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Which crusher should I choose for secondary crushing?

Time: 2024-07-09 09:56:36

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The main purpose of the crusher is to crush materials and break large pieces of materials into smaller particles. The functions of the machine are mainly three types of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. These three different functions can crush materials into finished products of different fineness. Different links have different types of equipment. As for the secondary medium crushing link, it mainly includes cone crusher and impact crusher. So how to choose these two different types of equipment?
cone crusher
cone crusher

Although cone crusher and impact crusher are both medium crushing equipment, they can process different materials. Generally speaking, the materials that cone crusher can process are of higher hardness, while the materials that impact crusher can process are mostly soft materials. Therefore, when choosing, you can choose whether to use cone crusher or impact crusher according to the hardness of the material.

There are many different types and models of these two types of crushers, which can complete the processing of different materials. Therefore, in the secondary crushing of materials, the selection of equipment is also very important. Whether it is a cone crusher or an impact crusher, the reference basis for selection is the production demand and the customer's investment cost. Choose the appropriate type of equipment based on these two aspects.

1. Production demand

The selection of the secondary crusher is to crush the material and bring good benefits to the production line. Only equipment that meets the production demand can bring good benefits to the production. When referring to the production demand, the main reference is the material properties, production capacity requirements, and finished particle requirements;

2. Investment cost

Since the performance of different types of secondary crushers is different because of the different production cost inputs, their prices are also different, but the customer's investment cost is certain. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the production demand, the cost limit can be considered.

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