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Analysis of the reasons for the shortened life of jaw crushers

Time: 2024-07-01 13:34:07

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The reasons for the shortened life of jaw crushers may involve many aspects. The following are some possible factors and their explanations:
jaw crushers
jaw crushers

1. Equipment quality:

If the purchased jaw crusher is of poor brand or poor quality, its operational stability and service life may be affected.

2. Maintenance and care:

Lack of regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, such as failure to replace worn parts, clean equipment, and lubricate equipment in time, may lead to premature damage to the equipment.

The failure of lubricating grease is also an important factor. The lubricating oil should be replaced once the equipment has been running for 2000 hours. If this cycle is exceeded, the various indicators of the lubricating oil will seriously decline, resulting in a decline in lubrication quality, which will indirectly cause wear on the inside of the equipment.

3. Hardness of crushed materials:

The hardness of crushed materials has a significant effect on the degree of wear of the equipment. For crushed materials such as finer and harder ores or acute breccia, the degree of wear on the equipment is relatively large, and long-term wear may lead to premature damage to the equipment.

4. Frequency of equipment use:

The service life of the jaw crusher is directly related to its frequency of use. If the crushing operation is carried out frequently, the equipment parts are easily worn, which naturally shortens the service life.

5. Overload and incorrect operation:

The equipment must avoid overload operation during use. Excessive load may damage the jaw plate and the machine body, resulting in a shortened machine life.

Incorrect operation, such as low voltage, reverse connection of the motor power supply, etc., may also cause equipment damage.

6. Environmental factors:

The use environment also affects the life of the jaw crusher. Harsh working environment (such as high temperature, high humidity, dust, etc.) may accelerate the wear and aging of the equipment.

7. Design and manufacturing issues:

The design and manufacturing process of the equipment may also affect its service life. If the design is unreasonable or the manufacturing process is not up to standard, the stability and durability of the equipment will be affected.

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