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How to extend the life of the cone crusher

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 Cone Crusher processing is complex and has advanced technology, so its price is higher than some of the traditional crushing confidential, customers wanted to purchase to maximize the use and prolong its life. This is not feasible, Zhongxin professional and technical staff will give you some cone crusher using essentials, if you use the machine properly in accordance with these essentials, you can not only extend the life of equipment, but also improve the yield of the device.
The * is when the cone crusher open, we need to start the pumps and cooling systems,we need to wait until the oil flow and then starts the motor. After starting cone crusher you should not immediately feed processing, idling need a few laps to see all aspects of the machine there is no need to trim,if everything is normal you can feed up. The new devices require long and short turn a few laps, you need to ensure uniform feeding, to prevent overload, thus ensuring that the life of the equipment, but also to ensure the production.
Regular inspection and maintenance is also very important in the cone crusher work, check whether the material granularity crossing requirements, if the * do not meet the need,find out the reason immediately, check the discharge opening, tooth plate, etc. is worn or not, the change can be made if it is necessary.
Finally, when the cone crusher s* working, you need to s* feeding, until the material inside the device have been processed again order the closing of the device. While timely check tightness of fastening bolts after shutdown, as well as consumables wear, to replace it if you need.

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