How to properly care hydraulic cone crusher hydraulic system?

Hydraulic cone crusher system is mainly used to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, you can also adjust the size of the discharge opening. If something can not be broken such as iron material was put into it,the hydraulic system will automatically push back the movable vertebrae, larger exhaust discharge port blocks can not be processed, it will automatically reset after determining discharge. Hydraulic system hydraulic cone crusher is now more advanced processing technology,it plays a very big role for the proper functioning of equipment and service life.
How to properly care hydraulic cone crusher hydraulic system as usual?Zhongxin introduce to you briefly.
    1, To ensure clean inside cone crusher, ore processing prodeces dust more, so pay attention to the dust in the course of removal, but also to prevent water from entering the hydraulic oil.
    2, Replace the hydraulic oil, it should be noted that we must use a filter when the hydraulic oil is added, but also to ensure the filter clean. You need to follow a predetermined range of the oil level.
    3, To ensure hydraulic system clean, we usually recommend to clients is to use the same type of hydraulic oil to clean, does not recommend the use of other oil,because it might damage the cone crusher.
    4, Note that the hydraulic oil replacement time, it is recommended that the cone crusher has just shut down shortly after replacement, it is a good and clean the oil as well as precipitation is discharged, and then inject new hydraulic oil.
  If you are in the course of the case what questions can inquire us, professional manufacturer makes our experience richer.




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