What spare parts cone crusher includs?

 Cone crusher manufacturing process is complicated, and also many internal parts, among all the components are linked together, and if any of part of the wear and tear will have an impact on the overall efficiency of the device, in order to avoid big loss, we need to fully understand the major components of the cone crusher, and these parts regular maintenance.
Cone crusher parts are mainly: broken wall, bowl-shaped bearing, copper sleeve roll and mortar wall. Broken walls are the main components of the cone crusher, also known as dynamic cone, cone crusher crushing wall using the new composite material, with high prices, wear wide applications and other advantages. Cone crusher wall is tapered head is fixed on the body of the cone, between casting epoxy.
Zhongxin cone crusher broken walls, rolling acetabular wall using high manganese steel production, coupled with the protection material layer is broken cavity changes and laminated broken, the machine wear is greatly reduced, compared to the general life of the old cone crusher improve 35% -82%, mainly crushing hard rock, ore, slag, refractories.




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