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How to solve the problem of easy wear and tear of sand making machine

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 The sand making machine is a sand making equipment for crushing ores such as river pebbles, cobblestones, granite, and quartz. However, due to the harsh working environment of the equipment, long-term open-air work, the influence of harsh weather such as sun, wind, rain, or improper operation will increase the wear rate of the equipment and reduce the use efficiency of the equipment. So how to reduce the wear and tear of equipment?

sand making machine

The key components of the sand making machine are mainly composed of rotors, bearings, impellers and impact blocks. We need to operate the sand making machine strictly according to the operation manual, so as to play the role of the key components and prolong the service life. In addition to these, we also need to know how to maintain and replace the key components.

 1. Impeller
Before starting the sand making machine, make sure that there is no residual foreign matter in the impeller, because the impeller is prone to jam or burn the motor when the load is started. If the feeding speed is too fast or the material is too large and hard to cause the impeller jamming phenomenon, the sand making equipment should be s*ped in time, the material should be cleaned up and then restarted.

2. Rotor
The main function of the rotor is to drive the sand making machine to rotate at high speed. During the production process, the inner, * and lower edges of the rotor are easy to wear, and the impact friction between the materials is the main reason for the wear of the rotor, especially when the stone is wet or the sand is highly abrasive. In addition, if the rotor is running unbalanced, it will cause the sand making machine to vibrate, which will wear the rotor and bearings.

3. Bearing
The main function of the bearing is to fix the hammer, plate hammer or impact plate, because the sand making machine generally uses a rotating device to connect the drive, so the bearing is also a very critical component, so the bearing should be regularly lubricated during use, so that It can effectively reduce the wear between components and improve the service life of sand making equipment.

4. Impact block
The impact block is a part of the sand making machine with serious wear, which may be caused by unreasonable structural parameters of the impact block, unsuitable materials or material properties that are not suitable for the impact block. Sand making machines have their own corresponding accessories, and different models have different accessories. When the hardness of the material exceeds the tolerance range, the friction between the material and the impact block will increase, resulting in the wear of the impact block.

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