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Analysis of the reasons for the decline of jaw crusher output

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 As the primary crushing equipment for ore, the output of jaw crusher will inevitably affect the output of the entire crushing production line. After a long period of operation of some mining equipment, the frictional force and pressure gradually accumulate, and the production capacity of the newly purchased jaw crusher is significantly reduced. There are many factors that cause the production capacity decline, including external factors What are the reasons for the internal failure of the crusher?

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1. External factors that reduce the production capacity of jaw crushers
We * analyze the external factors such as the hardness of the material, the moisture content of the material and the feeding situation. If the hardness or toughness of the material is large and exceeds the rated standard of the jaw crusher, the jaw crusher will not be able to crush the If the material is not completely crushed, the material that meets the specification is smaller and the production capacity is reduced. Similarly, if the water content of the material is high and the humidity is high, some crushed stone may stick in the crushing cavity, and the amount of discharged material will be reduced. If this section of the crushing line is operated under the condition of manual feeding or non-manual feeding but the feeder is damaged and malfunctions, the feeding may be uneven, resulting in the inconsistency between the feeding and the rhythm of the crushing work. Productivity declines.

2. Internal factors of jaw crusher production capacity decline
The internal factors of the reduction of jaw crusher production capacity mainly include the opposite wiring of the motor in the jaw crusher, the offset of the lining plate of the jaw crusher, and the opposite rotation direction of the outer ring of the bearing in the jaw crusher. When the position of the motor in the jaw crusher is reversed, the main machine will run in the opposite direction. At this time, materials should not be input, and the wiring should be exchanged in time; when the position of the fixed jaw and the movable jaw in the jaw crusher moves When they are damaged, they should be adjusted to the correct relative position immediately. If they are damaged, they need to be replaced and adjusted. After the friction between the bearing and the movable jaw, the gap will become larger, and the two should be replaced in time. When the internal factors of the equipment cause the production capacity to decline, the user should not continue to blindly feed materials, and should immediately shut down for inspection and maintenance, so that the jaw crusher can achieve satisfactory crushing results.

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