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How to reduce the maintenance cost of jaw crusher?

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Jaw crushers are mainly used to crush materials, and * of the materials are ore and the like. The wear of vulnerable parts is also normal, and the general crusher works outdoors, and the working environment is relatively harsh. A series of problems will have a certain impact on the service life of the crusher. Therefore, to extend the service life of the crusher, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the crusher, and frequent maintenance and repairs are required to find and solve the problems in time. , So as not to affect normal work.

Jaw crushers
The working environment of the jaw crusher seriously affects the service life of the crusher, especially the equipment used for rough crushing like the jaw crusher, which suffers more wear and tear. Frequent maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts are important for businesses. Said it will increase investment costs.
So what can be done to reduce maintenance costs? Jaw crusher thrust plates are *ly made of cast iron, while thrust plate seats are *ly cast steel or modified cast iron. The thrust plate plays a role in transmitting motion and force, and also plays a role. Protective effect and used to adjust the size of the discharge. Because the thrust plate is installed in the lower part of the machine body, it is not easy to maintain, so the plate head and plate seat are easy to wear parts. The worn plate head and plate seat can be repaired by post-surfacing processing, spraying, brush plating and other methods. When the thrust plate is broken, it is generally not repaired due to its function, and a new thrust plate should be replaced. However, the combined thrust plate can be removed and used continuously.
We must do a good job in the maintenance of the crushing equipment, often check the wear and tear of the various parts of the crusher, and timely repair can extend the service life of the equipment and save equipment investment. In addition, the vibration of the crusher is very large when it is working, and it will wear out during long-term work. The screw slide fastener, screw hole will be worn large, and the through hole will be worn, such as anchor bolt hole, bearing screw hole, and frame support hole of spring pull rod. Wait. After these holes are worn out, in addition to welding repair, the bolt through hole can be replaced by a welding backing plate or increasing the thread diameter.

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