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Ways to prevent the failure of cone crusher

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 Because the cone crusher will have excessive dust during use, and the operator does not pay attention to the daily maintenance of the crusher, so many failures will be encountered in the work. The operator must be familiar with all parts of the cone crusher, prevent equipment failure, and do a good job in the maintenance of the crusher. The daily maintenance of the cone crusher needs to pay attention to the following issues.
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    1. The iron removal device of the cone crusher, and the iron removal device of the cone crusher can prevent excessive iron in the crushing cavity. If the crusher frequently passes iron, the shaft will be broken. Then, it is necessary to carry out full-load work on the crusher. The reason for the full-load work is to meet the production requirements and avoid the phenomenon that the product size is too coarse.
    2. The cone crusher should feed evenly, which is related to the technical problems of the operator. Uniform feeding can increase the production capacity of cone crusher. If there is uneven feeding, it will cause the product size to be too large. After the cone crusher is in operation for a certain period of time, the crusher can be properly inspected and repaired. This will keep the cone crusher in a better operating state and ensure better equipment production capacity and finished product quality.

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