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What is the problem of cracks in the moving cone of the cone crusher

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 The main reason for the rupture of the mobile cone of cone crusher is the uneven dynamic cone force caused by excessive iron, uneven feeding and a large amount of material entering.

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1. Over-iron damage
There are many iron marks on the movable cone sleeve and the fixed cone sleeve of the cone crusher. After many times of iron passing, it will cause the fatigue damage of the cone, especially when the large iron can not be discharged at a time, the iron filings and the iron will be discharged after repeated extrusion. The crushing cavity causes the cone crusher to jam or jam.
2. No spare parts
Because there is no spare main shaft and upper frame on site, when replacing the liner, the strength of the packing is insufficient during use, causing the crushing force to directly act on the cone, and it is easy to produce cracks on the cone of the cone crusher.
3. The feed is not ideal, and the working pressure of the crusher fluctuates ly, which often affects the cone.
1. The reasons for the poor feeding are as follows: the feeding is eccentric, and the material cannot be filled in the crushing cavity, which causes the stress of the cone to be eccentric. In the feed of the cone crusher, there are more bulk materials, which exceed the allowable value. When there is a large piece of material, the cone will automatically fall, and the small piece will fall immediately, which not only affects the crushing efficiency, but also changes the stress point from multi-directional equilibrium stress to unidirectional local stress.
2. Treatment method: Before the material enters the crusher, an iron remover and a metal detector should be installed to avoid excessive iron. The site is equipped with spare upper frame and moving cone assembly. The movable and fixed conical filler can be pre-filled before replacing each bushing to ensure that the filler has sufficient maintenance time. The feed hopper of the crusher should be improved to avoid feeding eccentricity, and the cone crusher should ensure sufficient feeding. Through pre-classification, the feed size of the crusher is controlled within the required range.

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