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How to do the lubrication of the cone crusher

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 Cone crushers often work under heavy conditions and bad environments. It is indispensable to appear wear and to solve the wear problem of cone crusher parts. In addition to the use of excellent materials, advanced manufacturing technology, and reasonable design of mechanical structure, an important work to be done during use is to ensure Reasonable moisturizing of machinery. It is very necessary to keep the lubrication system's oil path unblocked, clean, non-leaking, and normal operation to ensure the work of the crusher.

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1. Lubricants should be selected reasonably. Normal lubricants should be selected according to the type and application structure of the cone crusher, suitable lubrication products should be selected according to different requirements, and suitable lubrication should be selected according to the working environment of the machine and different seasons. Agent brand. In use, neither low-grade lubricants nor other types of lubricants can be used instead, and inferior products should not be used.
2. Always check the quantity and quality of lubricants. Insufficient quantity should be replenished in time, and poor quality should be replaced in time.
The cone crusher adopts thin oil circulation lubrication. It has two kinds of lubrication systems: one is the oil pump driven by the power of the drive shaft, called the integral lubrication system; the other is the lubrication system driven by the oil pump alone. Most crushers are equipped with The lubrication system driven by the oil pump alone. This system can be lubricated before the crusher is started. It is a highly adaptable and easy-to-control system to control the lubrication system oil temperature, oil volume and oil pressure to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication system and the crusher Work is very important.
The oil temperature of the lubricating oil of the crusher should be kept within the range of 30-450C. The crusher is not allowed to work in the state where the oil temperature is higher than 600C and lower than 160C. The oil temperature of the lubrication system depends on the heater, cooler, thermometer, and The temperature switch and the oil return thermometer are jointly monitored and controlled to ensure that the oil temperature is stable within a reasonable range.

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