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What do you need to do to ensure the output of the cone crusher

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 Various functions of the cone crusher equipment, the daily correct operation of the equipment, and the daily timing protection and maintenance all affect the power of the crushing production line to a large extent, so how to ensure the output of the cone crusher?

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1. Reasonable feeding. Most of us will think that the cone crusher only needs continuous feeding, and increasing the feeding amount can maximize the output of the crusher. As everyone knows, this is a wrong view. Too much feed material will increase the load of the crusher, which will cause the crusher to be overloaded for a long time. This will not only reduce the processing of the crusher, but if the cone crusher is operated in this condition for a long time, it will seriously affect the equipment. Service life. Too much feed will cause the material in the cone crusher to block, but will affect the working power of the crusher. Therefore, in order to give full play to the greater functions of the cone crusher, reasonable feeding is important.
2. Timely replacement of wear parts. Regarding crusher equipment, the wear of vulnerable parts is more important in the daily work of each crushing station. The timely correction and replacement of vulnerable parts is the basic requirement to ensure the production power of the cone crusher. Regarding the replacement of parts, not only pay attention to the replacement of wearing parts, but also check and repair and replace other parts to ensure normal production.
3. Timely discharge. It is also very important to deal with the materials of the cone crusher. Regarding some production lines, problems in the planning process will slow the handling of materials, or the processing equipment for product materials in production will have defects, which will also affect the production of cone crushers.
4. Over-iron protection. Under normal production conditions, the impact of iron or overload on the crusher equipment is very large. Good over-iron protection not only protects the equipment from damage in the event of unbreakable material or overload, but also ensures that the equipment has a higher production power.

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