Working principle and advantages of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

 The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is improved based on the spring cone crusher. The internal hydraulic crushing system is also designed, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and high production. It also has the advantages of simple equipment structure, small weight and automatic control. Technical engineer of Zhongxin Heavy Industry Come to understand the principle and advantages of this equipment.


single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
1. The structure of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
    Although the structure of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher seems simple, it represents the overall level of design, manufacturing, and technology in the entire industry. Due to the gap in the overall level of equipment and technology in China, there has been a lack of effective design methods, experimental methods and technological measures, such as crushing The optimization design of machine CAD, virtual prototype and crusher, etc., still have gaps in product performance and reliability, and the product development cycle is long. Therefore, structural design is the * priority of our development, which can directly reflect the gap between this industry at home and abroad.
2. Hydraulic system
    The main functions of the hydraulic system are mainly three: adjustment of the discharge port, hydraulic protection and lubrication, and the domestic problems in this regard mainly focus on the stability of the hydraulic system and the quality of the hydraulic components. The quality of hydraulic components and seals is not up to the requirements, and it is easy to leak oil. There is no quality guarantee for the accumulator that plays a role of iron protection.
3, the choice of equipment materials
    The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher mainly relies on the one-way extrusion and bending grinding action of the moving cone to realize the crushing of materials, so its superior performance depends largely on the wear resistance of the material. Such as high manganese steel or special alloy moving cone, fixed cone liner, and special steel frame, bearing materials, etc. In terms of wear resistance and heat treatment, there is still a big gap between domestic and foreign countries. Therefore, improving the performance of wear-resistant materials is one of the important directions for the development of domestic single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, and it is also the common need of all crushers and the entire manufacturing industry. And the key to future development.





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