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How to solve the unstable output of cone crusher

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 Cone crusher, a type of high-efficiency crushing machine that mainly adopts the principle of lamination crushing to realize the coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ore materials. It is believed that * users will have the purpose of bringing greater benefits to the enterprise when investing in this cone crusher. So what should I do when the cone crusher is not powerful? That is, what should I do if the capacity of the cone crusher is unstable during the production process?

Cone crusher
     To make the cone crusher give full play to the production capacity in the entire production system, the following points must be achieved:
     1. Uniform feeding, when the material fills the feeding cavity and reaches full feeding, layer compression and crushing can be realized;
     2. Cannot enter too large blocks;
     3. Don't enter iron blocks, such as excavators, forklift teeth, drill bits and other unbreakable objects.
     4. Good maintenance is also an important factor to ensure the high-yield operation of the cone crusher, so this requires the professionalism and care of the operator.

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