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Reasons for sand machine clogging

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At present, the * thing that comes to mind when referring to sand making and shaping machines is the vertical impact crusher. It is a standard equipment for crushing and shaping in the mining industry. It has a very good processing of granite, cobblestone, quartzite and other materials. The favorable factor is that the granules after discharge are very smooth and full. It is a very suitable material for roads and railways and other fields. Then, when the equipment is running, is it better to feed more? How to prevent the machine from running normally in operation performance? How to prevent equipment blocking? These problems often occur on the scene? In the following, Jiaozuo Zhongxin will analyze for you how the blockage and slow discharge of the sand making machine are caused.
After the sand making machine has been working for a period of time, problems such as aging, damage, screen closure, broken parts, etc. may occur, or when the moisture content of the broken material of the sand making machine is large, the equipment may slowly discharge or even block the material. In this case, it is necessary to regularly check the equipment, timely maintain and replace the relevant accessories of the sand making machine to ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the equipment. Under normal conditions, the water content of the crushing and crushing materials of the sand making machine should be controlled below 14%. After working for a while, the equipment should be maintained and repaired.
sand making machine
The blockage of the sand maker may be due to the feed speed being too fast. When the feeding speed is too fast, the load of the sand making machine will increase, and the materials that cannot be processed in time will be slow or even discharged. Problems with blocking materials. In this case, always pay attention to the feed speed and the pointer of the sandmaker's ammeter. When the feed is large, the current meter pointer of the sand maker will be too large. When the rated current of the equipment is exceeded, it will cause overload. In this case, the working time is too long, which may cause the motor to block or even burn the equipment. When this happens, on the one hand, the feed speed should be immediately reduced, and it can be adjusted by adjusting the feed device. Therefore, when selecting equipment, appropriate equipment must be selected to ensure that the sand making machine can ensure safe and effective work in the production process.
The problem that causes the sandmaker to discharge slowly or is blocked is that the vents are blocked. This situation may be caused by a malfunction of the corresponding conveying device. If problems are found, clean the vents and replace them in a timely manner. Corresponding conveying equipment, adjusting equipment, and realizing reasonable cooperation to ensure normal and stable operation of the sand making machine during work.

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