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Introduction to daily inspection of cone crusher

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 After the user has purchased the cone crusher, in order to ensure its production life and efficient operation, the equipment must be inspected at intervals. So what does the cone crusher inspection work include?

1. The general testing time is after the equipment is finished working, and then it is allowed to cool down for five or six hours before starting the inspection.
2. The inspector * checks the flatness of the broken surface of the cone by hand to see if there is any unevenness, and if so, informs the technician to carry out the transformation.
3. If any unqualified parts or deviations are found, they should be replaced in time.
4. For the empty machine operation of the cone crusher, before starting the machine, check whether the equipment is installed properly and everything is normal before starting the machine. During the dry operation, you need to check the equipment's seal, blocking, friction, Impact and other issues.
5. During the trial rotation, check whether the barrel has obvious vibration and whether there is too much noise. Ensure that the barrel does not shake more than 0.5mm and the noise is controlled within 85db.
6. After the cone crusher is put into formal work, the staff needs to insert a special thermometer for rolling bearings into the oil control of the bearing seat, and measure it every about an hour until the temperature is stable.

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