How to use hydraulic cone crusher efficiently

 As the price of hydraulic cone crushers is further reduced, more and more hydraulic cone crushers are being used in mine crushing sections and aggregate crushing lines. The engineers of Zhongxin Heavy Industry introduced how to use the hydraulic cone crusher efficiently, which is becoming a hot spot for the majority of manufacturers and users. In addition to the equipment operation and the nature of the material itself, the feeding process conditions and the arrangement of the feeding equipment will affect the operation of the hydraulic cone crusher.

The principle of hydraulic cone crusher and general cone crusher are basically the same. In addition to the different hydraulic pressure, the feeding method of full warehouse feeding is also a major feature. When talking about full warehouse feeding, everyone will mistakenly think that it is feeding space. Filling up the material, in fact, otherwise, our full warehouse feed refers to the filling chamber filled with materials.
The crushing chamber of the hydraulic cone crusher is filled with materials, which not only ensures the operating efficiency of the matched motor, but also because the crushed grain shape is more perfect and the unqualified product is reduced because of the close contact of the materials in the crushing chamber. The crushing chamber of the hydraulic cone crusher is filled with materials, which ensures the serious wear of the lining while ensuring the granular shape, and maximizes the utilization of the lining. This shows how important it is to fill the full load of the hydraulic cone crusher.




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